What is the right pace for your workout?

MOST PEOPLE THINK OF EXERCISE AND HEALTH AS LOSING WEIGHT and working out in the gym with loud music until they drop…

Are you one of those people who equate exercise and health as losing weight and working out in the gym with loud music until you drop? If you are, exercising is no joy to you but an obligation or something you have to do. No wonder you dread exercising and afraid to go to your doctor for your annual check-up. Exercising doesn’t have to be a dread. At Mind Body Nutrition Balance, we will develop an exercise program that is as gentle or rigorous as you like and will provide you with one-on-one coaching on your nutritional needs.

We use yoga as the home base for our exercise program at Mind Body Nutrition Balance. With various types of yoga developed and brought to the West from India, there is no shortage of poses or asana that wouldn’t meet your physical needs. Whether you are an athlete who lost your fitness because of an injury or a surgery or a senior who has not exercised in a long time because all the exercise classes in your neighborhood seem to be only for the young and able bodies, you need to look no further. We have a program for you. We recommend people to start off with the group yoga classes offered in the Wellness Program at Cultural Society first until they are a little more familiar with yoga and then sign up for small group, semi-private or private classes at Mind Body Nutrition Balance to get a program that is customizable for them. Sometimes in some rare circumstances and as the situation calls for, we may use weight training to help someone build up lean muscle mass if that is a client’s goal. We will always use it in conjunction with yoga which we use mainly at Mind Body Nutrition Balance.


Is Losing Weight Simply C.I.C.O.- Calories in, Calories Out?

Many people think if you want to lose weight, just watch the calories you take in and make sure you burn as much as you take in. This way, at least you will maintain your weight? If you want to lose weight, then burn more calories than you eat. Is losing weight or maintaining your weight that simple?

The metabolic system in our body is more complicated than this simple calculation above. The formula above neglects to address our hormonal balance, our emotional being, and the types of activities we do. The practice of yoga will address most of these other issues and take you to the world of physical and mental parts of you that you might not think of. If you practice yoga long enough, you will experience the spiritual changes that you might not think of before. Start learning about yoga and find out the benefits of doing yoga here. You will know why so many people are talking about it. Our website will address some of these issues here. We will continue to explore and update you on these issues.