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Lifestyle Imbalance Epidemic in this country

We have a lifestyle imbalance epidemic in this country.  If you are the typical middle-class family with children in your household, the “busyness” in your home is too real.  How do you have time to cook?  To exercise and to be fit?   The idea of health and balanced life must seem far away from you.  They may seem theoretical to you; it looks good on paper but impossible to achieve.  

Don’t fret or lower your expectation.  That’s why we provide one-on-one coaching at Mind Body Nutrition Balance.  We walk side-by-side with you as you make small changes in your lifestyle to achieve a healthy balance with healthy movement or exercise. If you don’t already have an exercise program, we will help you build and find one that is fitting for you.  

Man Balancing on Tree Trunk
“We can achieve balance on anything we want if we have the determination.”

Our approach to an exercise program is one with a mind-body connection.   In our Western culture, we often think of an exercise program as just for the body and little to do with our mind.  That’s our mistake.  That’s why there are so many people signed up at the gym.  By month 2 or month 3, the attendance slowly drifts and sometimes diminished by Month 4.  That’s because the typical exercise program in a gym is not mentally engaging; it’s a good workout for the body but people often wait for the adrenaline rush as the motivating force to get them moving.  That’s short-lived and external. With our approach, we help you to cultivate and discover what is inside of you and build a system that is long-lasting and intrinsic of yourself that nobody and nothing can take it away from you. 

“You can find balance, grace, and beauty — a better version of yourself.”
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We want to help you to find a better you!  A better version of yourself! 

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